This process involves talking to a psychotherapist about obstacles in your life. The focus might be anxiety, grief, depression, sadness, anger and/or other concerns. There may be a desire to improve relationships, communication and/or change ineffective behaviors. Individual counseling may occur in conjunction with family or couple counseling.


Couple psychotherapy is beneficial when there is a need for improving and /or repairing relationships. Couples can become uncertain about the viability of a relationship and need help/support as they sort this out. This is a process that allows couples to identify maladaptive patterns and build skills in collaboration, connection and communication. Couples may need help strengthening parenting skills.


Sometimes the family seems to be falling apart and needs intervention/mediation in a safe environment. Everyone can have a part in “standing up to the problem” and we collaborate with the family in working toward building stronger relationships. Some areas of attention include conflict among children/parents, communication, respect and finding common ground within the family.


Groups create a safe protective environment in which to try out new behaviors and gain insight about how individuals experience themselves and others. In our groups Margy and Garth encourage each person to take risks and work on their desired areas of personal growth. In this context individuals find commonalities with others, experience support, gain feedback and reduce isolation.

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